Because of the complexity of such assemblies, the complete furniture line is handmade on demand in Italy by experienced artisans. Each unit demonstrates their expertise, dedication to quality and attention to detail. No cheap assemblies, no High Pressure Laminated materials (HPL), no cheap plastic edges or raw unpainted edges outside and inside the units.

Modules are pre-assembled and easy to install monolithic units, built using carefully selected materials and hardware, painted using AAA grade 5% satin finish with no visible assemblies or screws. The furniture’s parts are cut using the latest CNC machinery and equipment.

Every item goes through several Quality Control checkpoints: among these, at factory prior to final assembly, after final assembly and finally after hardware fitting prior to packing and shipping.

We ship worldwide using recyclable and reusable packaging systems. Custom crates were designed for each specific model: double skin packaging within a 15 mm – 5/8″ reinforced plywood crate so the units can travel long distances safely.