Custom work

We have a detailed, hands on approach to fully customized high end studio furniture, giving our customers full access to our know-how and knowledge database. We can provide single units for your studio, or provide multiple designs for your entire facility.

The design process can start either around your pre-existing requirements and plans or we can work from a blank canvas. If desired, test samples can be provided prior to production of the final unit(s) once a design is approved.

For custom projects based on existing Northward Systems designs, depending on the type of work requested either a flat or a pro-rata design fee is applied on top of the production cost of the custom unit.

For full ground-up designs, a deposit will be required to start the design phase. As soon as a 3D draft of the design is available an estimate of the build costs can be provided.

Custom furniture design is an exclusive service reserved for Northward Acoustics studio design clients.

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For custom furniture design inquiries, send us an email at custom(at) with a detailed description of your needs. We’ll be happy to see what we can do for you.