Northward Systems is a subsidiary of Northward Acoustics, a high-end acoustic engineering and consulting firm specialized in the design and installation of professional studios and facilities for the recording, mastering and broadcast industries, speaker manufacturers and audio test laboratories. Northward Acoustics expert engineers are behind the renowned FTB rooms, a unique and proprietary approach to control room and mastering suite design, widely considered by audio professionals to be at the avant-garde of the industry, achieving the highest standards in room response and translation.

Keeping with Northward Acoustics’s philosophy of constant innovation and incremental refinements, the Northward Systems studio furniture line is the result of six years of intensive R&D, prototyping and field testing. It builds on years of experience designing high-end facilities worldwide, discussing workflow with industry leading mixing and mastering engineers and, above all, on a deep understanding of how professionally designed control rooms or mastering suites behave acoustically.

Each desk and racking unit is the result of a no-compromise design approach, aimed at fulfilling specific needs from In-The-Box and Hybrid setups to studios equipped with Large Frame Analog/Digital Consoles and dedicated mastering suites.